Sowers of the Word

 That No One Should Thirst  The Fields of Harvest
 Cain, Able and We  In the Hour of Visitation
 Lifting the Power of the Universe  Bringing in the U’s
 The Spiritually Poor Will See the Light  The Grace of God
 Fighting the Good Fight  Repentance the first of Evangelism
 Living in the Sheepfold of the King  Dorothy
 A Foot Soldier’s Love  That Dog Gone Dog
 A Challenge for Nicodemus  Living in the Liberty of Truth
 He’s the Good Shepherd  Climbing Jacobs Ladder
 Secured in Christ Cain & Abel
 The Sword We Bear  When He Comes
 The Way  Thank You, Lord
 The Spirit Within  When the Spirit Speaks
Walking With the Spirit  What God Hath Given
 Extreme Measures  Shalom
Escape the Deception  Enter His Gates
Secure in the Faithful and True Let Us Have Fellowship
 Bigger Than You Or I  Secured in His Love
The Light of Justice  Our Daily Bread
God’s Plan for You  Freedom for the Oppressed
 A Manifested Fellowship  Abide in the Teaching of Jesus
Secure in the Faithful and True Let Us Have Fellowship
 Joy of my Father’s Tears  Fear Not, For I Am With Thee
 A Trusted Confidence  The Lord Sanctifies Us.
 “Tend My Sheep.”  The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
 Repentance  A Work of Salvation
 A Light for a Dark World  Zaccheus
 Whom Shall I Fear?  Walking in Truth
 Set Apart in Truth  A Forgiving Spirit
 A Light in the Darkness  Neglecting the Truth to Our Neighbor – Part 1
 Neglecting the Truth to Our Neighbor – Part 2  Living in Freedoms Light
 I Want To Know You  Light of the World
 Out of the Darkness  The Essentials Gospel Truth
Sin, Never Justified only Forgiven  Christ-Like Conduct towards the World
 Oh, My God  Be Found in Peace
 Washed by the Word of God A Call to Service
 Because He Lives, I Live  For The Glory of God
 Keep the Oil in Your Lamp  Do You Have the Want to?
 Called to God’s Glory Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus
 Spiritually Blessed  A Contrite Heart
 To Discern the Word of God Impact the World
Fractured Hearts of Sin  Closer Than a Brother
 Relationship is Personal History  Speaking in the Fields of Grace Part 1
 Speaking in the Fields of Grace Part 2  Isn’t That the Gospel
 By the Grace of God The Reason for Confession
 The Essence of God’s Servant  The Willing
 Living the Gospel A Sacramental Life
Life in the Spirit  A Future and a Hope
 Essential Death, Burial, Resurrection Walk in the Way
 Confess and Believe Great, Greater, Greatest, Witness of Jesus
An Opened Door Abundant Mercy of His Grace
Regeneration for the Kingdom of God Restored Fracture
Assurance of the Lord’s Sovereignty Salvation Works Out
The Sinful Plague Peace In Repentance
“What is Truth?” Lord of the Sabbath
The Bull’s Master The Tree by the River
Good and Perfect Day Our Father’s Hand
Divine Appointment The Eternal Day
The Time is Now Worthy of the Gospel
Focus on Our Lord Our Kinsman Redeemer
A Season of Decision The Way
The Father of Lights Escape the Orphanage
Abraham Cut the Pieces Raised by Faith in Jesus

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