Just A Closer Walk With Thee

 Permit the children to come to Me  Whose Image
 “In the Beginning”  Divine Dust
 Placed by God’s Providence – God Knows  Yahweh-Immanuel-Allah
 “APPEARANCE”  Using Our Gift of Time
 A SPIT’EN IMAGE OF  Oh Woe Is Me How Blessed I Be
 The First Fruit  Where Will You Spend Eternity?
 The Quest  Trust and Obey
 Have You Felt the Truth  “I Won’t be Fooled Again”
 My beloved Friends  A Threefold Blessing through Jesus
 Come up Here  Empowered by the Spirit
 Finding the Kingdom of Heaven  Epaphroditus
 God’s Creation  God Shed His Grace on Thee
 Leaving No One Behind  His Children’s Tapestry
 Mercy Drops Round us are Falling  Left, center, Right
 Our Unity through Jesus  Our Daily Bread
 Politics of the Worldly Way  Perseverance in the Storm
 Rock of Escape  Restored Through the Spirit of Christ
 Somebody Prayed  Sanctification
 The Divine Community  The Day of Christ
 The Good Son  The Fear of the Lord
 Once Redeemed  The Lord is my Stronghold
 Prayer at Gethsemane  The Power of God Within
 Our Assurance of Hope  The Resurrected Life
 Watch and Pray  The Testimony of Belief
 From where shall my help come?  Who, Me?
 Immanuel – God with Us  At Wits End
 Purpose  Word and Will of God
 Perseverance  That We Should Know Him
 A Wedding Song  Passion
 Grace from the Spirit of God  A Partnership Well Lit
 A Foundation for Faith  The Joyful Storm
 Love, Obedience & Victory  A Duty to Honor My Father
God Will Take Care of You  The Joy of Our Trials
A People of Idols  Path of Accountability
Our Strong Tower who Fights  Where the Heart Is
 Growing in the Nourishment of the Lord  Up on the Mount
 The Master’s Enlightenment  Worship in Service
 Standing on the Rock  The Way
 Bound By Our Word  A Progressive Walk
 The Work of Forgiveness  Pressing on to the Prize
 Treasure of God’s Full Glory  An Eager Wait
 The Word in Tabernacle  A Serpent of Poison
 A Blessing to Receive and Give  My Christ is My Strength
 God is Our Help  A Day in the Crowd
Jesus Living through Us  Living for Jesus
 It Is Well with My Soul  With All Your Might
 Cleveland  The Fog of Funk
 Releasing His Power  And Such We Are
Relight the Lamp of Joy  Led by the Spirit
 Things That Are Above  Error of my Ways
 Secure in Identity  The Abundant Life
 The Joy of Jesus in Us  I am with you always
A Witness in the Race  The Gain of Christ
 There is none like You, O Lord  Walk in Power
Pursuit of Obedience  A Witness in the Race
The Gain of Christ  A Master Friend
 Reaching the Summit of Our Walk  Living as it Pleases Him
An Ever Present Friend  Finding Joy in Suffering
 To Fear God and Keep His Commandments  The Freeing Power of Forgiveness
 God’s Alien Kingdom  The Greatest of these is Love
Following in the Way  A Mind for the Above
 Complete Cost of Serving Jesus  The Blameless Life
 Counting the Cost of Discipleship  Terms of Discipleship
A Bondservant of Christ  Life in the Spirit
Obedience By the Grace of God
Our Kinsmen Redeemer Foundation of The Word of God
To Fear God and Keep His Commandments Living in the Light
Obedience By the Grace of God
Our Kinsmen Redeemer Foundation of The Word of God
Oh My God A Godly Attitude
All Diligence Enduring the Trials with Joy
The Master Plan Is He Lifted Up?
An Opportune Time Don’t Jump Ship
Offense 0r Defense Our Cross to Carry
Profit in Obedience Go away from me Lord, A Lesson of Growth
Who’s Your Father Step into Faith
Orphans of Creation Empty Sacrifice
A Divine Walk Gift of Tongues in Language
Free Will How Great is Our God
Lifted with Christ Set Your Affections
Joy in Salvation Spirit of the Shepherd
Confession to Commission Grace Driven Obedience
The Power Filled Christian Life in the Name of Jesus
A New Birth Obedient to Who
The Gift of Love Christian Leadership
Law Not Dismissed in the New Covenant Don’t Be Haunted
His Mission Our Mission Higher Ground
The Gift of LoveChristian Leadership Who Will Have Mercy and Compassion
Wretched Man That I Am Christian Temple of God
Discipleship Maturing Spiritual Walk of Life
The Focus of Successful Life It Is I, Be Not Afraid
Strong and Courageous A Peace that Jesus Gives
The Master’s Instruments Lifting Up the Lord
Walking in God’s Garden Prayer-Praise-Petition-Glory
Sheep & Goats Equipped to Make All Work Good
Sleepers in the Pews What Some Never Will Know
Life in the Gospel The Value of Obstacles
Live Your Passion Choice of Door
The Good Shepherd Standing on the Rock
Seeking the Lord’s Heart Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise
Holding Fast to Our First Love An Eternal Perspective
Wait Upon Our Sovereign God To Whom Be the Glory
Stay in the Truth If God is Love
The Lord Reaps What We’ve Sown Rise Up!
When Reba Went Home A Stronghold of Heart
The Stones Will Cry Out! A Better Wealth
I Can Do Nothing Spiritual Service of Worship
Overcoming Self Evil The God of Peace Will Be With You.

Wrought in God Standing Firm
Blameless Presence The Good Part of Success

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Jesus – The Bridge to Eternal Life

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