“For unto us a Child is born”  In Anticipation of Christmas
 Another Way  Prince of Peace
 Remembering the King  Father Forgive Them
All Hallows Eve  Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving
 The Lion of Judah A Pondering in the Heart
 Glory to God in the Highest  The Shepherds of Bethlehem
Glory to God  To Prepare His Ways
 For Unto Us a Child is Born  Walk While You Have the Light
 “Remember Me”  He Will Save His People
 My Substitute  Power of the Resurrection
 Ministering Spirits  No Room for the Savior
 Cornerstone of the Church Giving Thanks for God’s Grace
At the Passover Paul’s Thanksgiving Message
To Us, a Lamb is Given The Goodness of Friday
He is Risen; Therefore, We Live

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Jesus – The Bridge to Eternal Life

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