“My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I do not have to expound long to you about the decline of our society. I remember in my early teenage years riding with my Sunday School teacher and asking him a serious question on my mind. I was young in years but old enough to see the difference between my former home in West Virginia and my present home in Florida. I asked Mr. Harmon, “What do you think it will be like when I am your age?” He answered, “Oh everything will be okay, much like it is here today.” I have never been considered myself as wise, but I knew he did not want to tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. Since then I am glad he didn’t fill me in, as it is worse than I imagined. I was a young child of the fifties, and I wish those days had never changed.

For me, it all came to light with the Supreme Court deciding innocent citizens can be slaughtered wholesale. Incest is an arguable reason; rape is arguable, and so is the health of the mother. It is also arguable that in 2018, 862,320 mothers were victims of incest, rape, and threated health. How can an honorable judge sentence a felon to life or execution and allow a mother to face no accountability? How can the judge deny the child all his rights in the Constitution including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Now it is perfectly legal to destroy God’s institution of marriage between a man and a woman. “In America the state, not the Bible, not the church, regulates, defines, and redefines marriage. Americans cannot be legally married without complying with and gaining the government’s permission.” (Wikipedia) I have the highest respect for the protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin in the 1600s agreed that the state has authority over marriage. Then people scream over separation of Church and State. Where is the sense of that! How far does that, and where does it stop, not with same-sex marriage, and why not can I marry my best friend lady, my dog?

The decline in our society is a result of a lack of moral foundation. There has been a shift is what truth is. A popular definition is that truth is determined by one’s reality. When you think about that definition, it makes no sense. If the truth was such yesterday but is not the truth today, then it was never truth. If the foundation of a house was built on sand, then when the sand washes away the house falls. Truth has to be a fact that is time tested and unchanged since its conception. In this creation, however you believe it to have come about, truth came before it. It is the exercise of truth that created all that we know of by the five senses. If the truth that allows all that was created, then the Creator is the truth. In the beginning was God, nothing else, God and His Word, and His word is the only truth.

Now the law is no longer founded on truth but common law. Common law is better identified as popular law. These laws only last as long as they are convenient to the populace. When the popular issues the law, it is not the truth, as it will change as popular opinion changes. Soon we will find ourselves as Pilate when Jesus was on trial. Pilate was confused because he could find no fault with Jesus, yet he was pressured to crucify Him. He asked Jesus the accused, “What is truth?” Jesus answered He was the truth. Pilate crucified Him, and mankind has been crucifying the truth ever since.

After we got the truth out of the way, it became easy to deny the children their choice of what they could believe as truth. We took God out of the schools, we have taken God out of our government, and we are taking God out of our society. Because the new generations have no solid truth to stand on they have no real conception or bases to decide what is right and wrong. As a result we have a society with no moral ethic. As a result we have two generations after mine that have not the ability to make right judgment of what is moral and ethical, no way of judging what is right and wrong, and few examples of falling back upon. History has been slanted, truth has been twisted, and the view of our nation is being destroyed. Where history can be changed, the future can be manipulated, if truth can be twisted moral judgments will be baseless, and the departure from God’s Word will bring a complete society moral breakdown.

Today in America, we are facing a significant degradation and loss of moral values. We are experiencing a slow descent of moral values, and the bar of what is acceptable behavior is lowering as time passes. We are spiraling farther away from the core of truth, God’s Word, to the point where few influential people have a true understanding. There is a fear growing in society as a result of no true moral compass to give hopeful guidance to the population. Nothing to fall back upon as truth today is elusive, as truth is conditioned by the reality of each one. There is nothing more significant than ourselves to believe in. Society becomes powerless as political solutions fail to remedy, our culture continues to erode with the influx of diversity, and the mix of so many various beliefs causes conflict in the masses. We can see in our lifetime the moral breakdown and cannot find the answer because we have misplaced the truth.

We have, in our ignorance of moral latitudes, legalized the slaughter of thousands of innocent citizens of our society. The very rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been denied to the least of these on our society. If members of a society see that we do not value the lives of the unborn, then what are the values we should accept for the born? If one life is equal to the other, then both share the same value. In the 1960s, the United States experienced a sexual revolution. Prior our culture viewed fornication and homosexuality to be immoral behaviors. That cultural view changed dramatically as the sexual revolution grew. As sexual morals changed more Americans accepted premarital relationships, extramarital relationships, and same-sex relationships. By 1975 a poll stated that 90% had admitted to sex relationships before marriage. Some admitted they had no intention of ever marrying.

As a result of sexual freedom, society has had numerous battles with the effects of the sexual revolution. To name a few, pornography, prostitution, childbirth out of wedlock, predatory sex, domestic violence, and the family breakdown that hinders the foundation of our society. Where there is no honor,  there is no shame, and where there is no shame there is no honor. Looking at some of the causes of the Roman Empire fall, we see one of the reasons is that there was no honor in the political class, and the governing authorities became corrupt. Fighting broke out in Roman society and led to civil wars. Rome was lost as a result of the loss of honorable people. The overall disintegration of society due to internal and external factors along with social discord leads to degradation of morality. Today people no longer blatantly sin but sin out of their ignorance for the lack of knowing truth. Our society is in dire need of truth, as we are drifting into the post-Christian age.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick

First Baptist Church of Durant, November 20, 2019

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