“But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

Last week Paul quoted a Psalm where the saints of his day were being led to the slaughter with no greater value than sacrificial sheep. We looked at how the early Church was persecuted and many put to death because of their faith in Jesus Christ. How the saints were tormented and put to death because they chose to serve the one true God. We also mentioned that in times of great trial the Church of Jesus Christ flourished. In this verse, Paul states that even with all of this happening to the saints they still are overwhelming conquerors. In spite of persecutions and in spite of being put to death it is strange to hear that they were more than conquerors.

Many conquests that men endeavor are dearly bought. Certainly, the conquest of the early Church came with a great cost of suffering and human life. Yet Paul states they were more than conquerors. We know the saints suffered and we know that many lost their lives here in this world. But what did they actually lose, what was the true loss in comparison to what they had? We can compare them as fine gold being refined in the furnace. The gold itself is not lost in the furnace but only the useless dross is taken away. That is true for the saint, there is no loss in this world, as nothing in this world has eternal value in the world to come. When one leaves this world they will not take their wealth, their property, and they will not take their physical life. Nothing of this world is gain and never is it a loss when we make our departure here. The Apostle Paul had the right attitude which is not only true for the saint but one to be imitated. “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21)

The gain for the departing saint is exceedingly rich for there is no end to the riches of the Creator’s glory. “So that the name of our Lord Jesus will be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (2 Thessalonians 1:12) The saints will share in the glory of their Lord Jesus Christ. They will live in a state of peace never before known. The saints of Jesus will be given a crown of righteousness that they can lay at His feet. For their faith in Him and His Word, by the acceptance of His sacrifice for our sin debt they can welcome the everlasting life. “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13)

The Christian is more than a conqueror over the evolutionist. It is baseless that generation is from a single molecule of matter that had a spark of life. Not only if it could develop separately or that it could develop entirely upon its own. That this single molecule could even have a creative agent within itself that could produce another molecule different yet able to support the first. Or create another molecule different forming another species from the first. How the first molecule first appeared the evolutionist cannot accurately declare.

The Christian saint believes through faith in an intelligent and all-powerful Creator who created life in a mature state, giving that life the pro-creativity to reproduce itself throughout its generation. The Creator who loves His creation who works in and through it through all stages of development.

The Christian saint is able to look beyond the trails of this world and rejoice in the traces of his Heavenly Father’s handy work in all of His creation. The saint’s faith is strengthened when he beholds the glory of the heavens and its beauty in the sun, the moon, and the stars. The glory of the valleys of green grass and the smell of their sweetness. Overlooked by the towering mountains standing solemn and silent, watching as sentinels. The roar of the power of pounding waves coming in from the ocean. The mighty tones of power flowing in the rivers on their journey to the sea. The comfort of knowing that their Heavenly Father made all of this and left the footsteps of an infinite Worker. Through all of His creation, His voice can be heard.

The Christian saint is more than a conqueror of the pessimistic heart. The pessimist is a creature to be pitied and never will be expected to become a conqueror. A person without faith and hope is soon cast a wasted wreck on the sands of time. The pessimist is consumed with all that is bad and never looks upward to see the light that shines over him. There is a great deal that the saint would love to see changed or altered but this is not where the saint’s base is founded.

The Saint can rejoice greatly in the natural beauty of God’s world. They have been given the senses to take in and enjoy the world that God has given them and find pleasure with. Also the inward ability to have original thought and feelings that bring happiness that they can approach His courts with praise and thanksgiving. The Christian saint works for the moral hope of all humanity with passion with a steadiness of love that always endures. Equipped with the moral force that travels onward to the final goal of the emancipation of the human race from the bondage of moral evil. Striving to bring humankind to a plane of righteousness.

The Christian Saint is more than the conqueror of the optimistic. To those who see the present things like the best possible for the whole of mankind. The saint can travel back in time to a world where no sin reigned, where no disorder triumphed and chaos was never found. The Christian conqueror cannot overcome if he does not have a correct view of the universe of mankind. The beauty of the world may inspire the joy in our hearts but the sorrows of the world will prevent us from being intoxicated by that joy. The correct work of the saint is to work on and pray for the enlightenment of God’s truth to fill the hearts of all mankind. The saint who conquers the moral sphere is the best conqueror of all.

The Christian saint is more than a conqueror of the despairing. It is good to see a man despairing with adversity and endeavoring to bear the ills of his life. But it is better to see and man rejoicing in his adversity. That his adversity will minister to him to reach the greatest of perfection. We all can stand on mountains built from the wreck and ruins of our difficulties but they have caused us to rise above to greater heights. It is there that the saint has a better view of the moral and spiritual beauties.

If the Christian saint is to become more than a conqueror through Him that loved us, then He must be their abiding portion. Christ must be our lasting possession. Love from Christ and love to Christ must be the sustaining force. When the heart beats its last throb, and the eyes have taken in their last view, and the earthly things fail to affect, then the soul shall rejoice in the Lord in the greater realm of life.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick

First Baptist Church of Durant, June 19, 2019

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