If You Are Not There

The aspiring dreams together we have born
The dreams we hold, cherish and share
Our dreams would never realize reality
They would be broken if you are not there

The rising sun at the birth of each day
It’s warmth hidden by a cloud of agonizing despair
Absent from the warmth of your love
Cold hearted days if you are not there

My toil and labor would all be in vain
My achievement for only you to compare
Who else but you would give me approval
No one else if you are not there

My heart must forever be joined with yours
Not one moment apart could I spare
To be separated from your abiding love
I’m a fallen man if you are not there

A dormant life I to lead
With no reason, none to care
For your love is my purpose
An empty heart if you are not there

There’d be no reason to go along
No more words to fill my song
None here to sing them to
There is no one else, there is only you

Thomas N Kirkpatrick

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