Here before your eyes you read these words written in blue. I penned them here to be read only by you. Because I have always been told by the ones who have gone before. There is somewhere a special love for only me to adore. So I’ve left this message here in hope of opening a door. Upon this eternal stage alone I have stood. Playing a life’s game for two and alone I’ve done all I could. I’ve traveled this plain throughout with my banner held high. So many times I felt the peace and thought you had drawn neigh. I’ve fallen to all the remedies, alcohol, drugs, sex, perversions and money. And know the truth that none of these hold the sweetness of your honey. Like so many the lonely ones I thought the search to be in vain. And like so many the lonely ones I’ve grown weary of the game. Driven to hang upon my own cross of conviction I’ve been led. To feed my hunger which has never been fed. To all of those with broken heart and doubtfulness of years. Carry on with your banner held high and charge through your fears. I know there shall be one who searches every letter. Calling, listening and waiting for only my heart to answer. When I’ve spoken to all who’ll listen, heard all who speak, done all I know to do to find the one I seek, I will just stand. Here alone I’ll listen and wait for you as I stand.

Dear Love I know you are there. For only you love I have all to care. I’ve seen you in my dreams. you’ve been there every night. In the darkness you’ve filled my heart with hope when my fears have taken flight. Love, Dear Love, Oh where are you Love? I’ve heard your whispers but have yet to know your face. I’ve lingered long to touch you and hunger for your grace. I’ve felt your heat in the brightness of day as you cooled me in the gentleness of your breeze. You caressed my body and soothed my pain in the flowing waters of your tease. I’ve smelled your beauty in the spring, your pleasures in the summer. I’ve felt the fears of the fall and bore the anger of the winter. I have tasted the passion of your bouquet in the finest of all wine. I’ve searched so long for you my love. Fear not to come and forever be mine. Come out, come out my love and play with me. Together forever we will finish this life swaddled in our love’s victory.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick


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