Along the Banks of the Combahee

There is a place called Los Angelinos known by far too many. Here the River Combahee flows with its banks filled with the tears of broken dreams. This stream flows from the shed of hope and drains into the ocean of Despair. Along the shore beneath the weeping branches of the willow, wondering about in scant shade is found the naiveté of youth, the guilt of the strong, the cynicism of the ageing and the fear of the old. For here along the banks of the Combahee a love can be torn and then mended, lost and then found and tragically here a love can forever die.

To each a measure which we must give and take. But the tear filled waters of the Combahee will never quench the thirst of demons who prey upon the youth, wash the guilt of the selfish, drown the fires of suspicion for the betrayed or still the fears of those who no longer swim. We all make our contribution to the flow with our own darkened desires. We too, bear the scars inflicted by ships which pass in the night. Pity to those who do not escape the current of the Combahee and sink into the ocean of despair. For them the pain they inflict shall now equal what they bare, as the waters of despair shall balance the bubble in their level. Hope is for those who reach the willows along the banks of the Combahee. For them there still remains the chance of possibility.

Those of us, as most shall, who wonder beneath the willows join together in bond. We are not the lucky nor have we lost but the searchers who must keep on keeping on. So in the place called Los Angelinos along the banks of the Combahee beneath the willows watered with the tears of sorrow the hunt of the searchers continues as the hunger will never cease.

So here in the pale of the moon’s light, along the banks of the Combahee, the searchers join in chorus and sing as they celebrate their hope for love.

Here beneath the weeping branches of the willow we abide
In the melody of the flowing water of tears we have cried
Praying together that not another love should die
As we search for our hope in each other’s eye
Here we have come with our wounded heart
Bleeding form the cut of love’s depart
Knowing from the wisdom caught in the lie
As we search for the spark of love in each other’s eye
It is for the want and the constant need
A firm belief that love shall always succeed
That keeps us searching you and me
A longing that soon our hearts will be free
When the sun again shines upon this earth
A new love beneath the willows will have birth
As I pray for you and I hope for me
That Love will join us along the banks of the Combahee.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick
March 26, 1997

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