In Full Measure

Soon the sun to brake a new day.
Special because my thoughts are pointed your way.
As I sit here in imagination of what I wish could be.
In doubt that if I said so there would no longer be you and me.

Honesty always takes courage the reward always true.
As I have such warmness when I think of you.
I near think I’ll go crazy that we so far apart.
Yet I have this peace with you deep in my heart.

A part of me cries, weeping do not be the fool.
A part of me lies, saying all love can be cruel.
A part of me is happy with spirit souring above.
A part of me has hope for that chance of love.

I think that I have nothing more to lose.
Nowhere else to go and nothing to muse.
If I should say what I really feel.
Then what ever comes would be real.

A greater spark you have lit in me
Hope once more by you set free.
That I can live in full measure
My love for you I shall always treasure.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick

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