Beneath The Blue Willow

Alone here I find myself to be?
With want of love I’m not free
Yes there are ones who warm my cold
Yet none to hold me as I grow old

This the place of inside about
Enduring the hunger of being with out
This love a better part of me
Remains a truth in mystery

As I no longer the days count
Without my love what do they mount?
Tis here I so often go
To weep beneath the Blue Willow

As I laugh so too I cry alone
One half a soul to find a home
For I know one fears as me
To be aloof in eternity

Continue the call with spirit and voice
Oh God please grant me my choice
The hunt shall never fall to sleep
Till I gain what I reap

Never knew more than this perch
The freedom of hope in my search
If you my love wonder where to go
Join me here beneath the Blue Willow

 Seth Thomas 2001

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