(Mat 17:20 KJV) “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

I am an alien moving through this moment in an earthen vassal, that those who can only see, hear and feel with physical ability may know my presence. For I am not from here neither do I reside but only share the space of this moment that I should accomplish my commission. I represent not myself for I am not, yet once I was but now am free. Those who remain confined to physical restriction shall die within the confine of that restriction. But those who find the truth not found in this world, deny the earthen vassal to which the bond of death is affixed, shall find life abundant beyond the portal to eternity. I am an ambassador of the King who rules at the Right hand of God. Not that I should have life here but His life through me that I am secure in life with Him in the Heavens above. In Him I have love, peace and joy. Jesus is the liberation from the vanity of a dying world I once was consigned and now through His Grace have been given hope. Though my vassal must endure the trials of a lost paradise my spirit resides in the Glory that has come in the Name of Jesus. I live in the vision of His pasture going to and from that I might share the riches which await, lifting His name that all might be drawn to Him.

Many years ago we moved from West Virginia to Florida. None of us had ever been to Florida and it was an exciting spark in our near future. Florida was a magical mystery which laid before us. Many around us saved all year long just to go a visit there in the summer. Yet, we were going to be residence there in a place many wished to be. As the moving van was being packed our hearts were filled with mixed emotion. That of sorrow, leaving our friends behind, and that of joy in anticipation of our new home. We all piled up in the old ‘60 chevy Bel-air and started our journey. Mom and Dad, three brothers and one sister, Grandma, the family dog and myself. Somewhere along our journey, can’t remember if it was day one, two or three, we stopped at a restaurant to eat. We all sat at our two tables pulled together enjoying the coolness of air conditioning, when the waitress asked where we were from. I expected the answer to be from West Virginia but it was not. My Father answered that we were from Florida. My little twelve year old brain was puzzled by his answer. We had never been to Florida and certainly had never lived there. How then could we be from there I asked. My Father replied with a questions of his own, as he so often did. “Where is our home? Is it in West Virginia? Or is it in Florida?” He left it at that and I don’t remember who answered the question or what the answer was. Years later, in my own way, I have come to the correct conclusion.

It becomes a matter of vision. We were no longer citizens of the Great state of West Virginia. We had given that up, we had left West Virginia behind and were not traveling from our home but to our home in Florida. So we were not from West Virginia but from Florida even though we had yet to get there. This then is the working of one’s vision. Seeing that which is to come and living as though it has come. If I had a dream that someday I should be a great Captain of a large ship, then as I grab the ores of my rowboat, I should conduct myself as a great Captain. Doing this then brings life and reality to my vision of being a great Captain. How any times in your youth did you pretend to be something other than what you were? A cowboy, fireman, policeman or whatever your imagination directed. If asked on that day how did you answer? Did you say that you were a cowboy, fireman, policeman or whatever? You were living in your dream or your vision. Jesus said, “(Mat 18:3 KJV) “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” As when we were little children we are to return to that childlike ability to believe in our dream, to live in our vision. As Christians we have given up our residence in this world and taken residence in the Kingdom of Heaven. Though we have yet to be there we are from there for this is where we are traveling to. This is the vision that we should live in that we are from Heaven. If we are citizens of Heaven then we must have faith in that vision and conduct ourselves as such.

Thomas N Kirkpatrick

January, 2001

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