Sarah Abrams

Such as it is for Sarah Abrams. Her life is a witness of overcoming the imperfections that come upon us with seeming injustice. She is a dear sweet elderly lady who lives in the cellar of Lou’s Five & Dime. Sarah for most of her years has been deaf and unable to speak. But it was not always that way.

Sarah was the daughter of a corn farmer named Joseph Abrams. Sarah the son that Joseph never had after school would work in the fields with her father. Sarah would help in the harvest, she would gather the stalks, shuck the ears of corn and help her mother can and store the corn. Sarah was gifted with a beautiful voice and a great ear for music. Her mother’s hope was that someday Sarah would sing in the opera or become a great gospel singer.

It has been said to me by many when Sarah would sing in the choir at Grace Baptist Church it was as if an Angel had filled her voice. It is true that there is a special quality to a youthful voice that is unmatched. I believe from what others have said that the Angels of Heaven must have paused to listen as Sarah sang here on earth.

Sarah being a child had the fascination of youth to explore the world and stretch her imagination. She loved to go off and run through the fields and meadows around her father’s farm. I imagine she would sing and dance her way through fields of corn stalks and meadows filled with milkweeds. One time she strayed over the stone fence of Angus Miller’s farm and frolicked in his fields. I certainly understand the desire to see newer places than where she had been.

Angus Miller is a cattle farmer and in that field was a large Holstein bull named Bud. I have heard that bulls care little for flutter about them. Nervous creatures the cattle with little defense against the fox or panther. So I suspect when Bud saw Sarah dancing about he became confused and reacted in defense. Bud charged Sarah and she was caught beneath his hoofs and received a hard hit on her head splitting it open. Sarah lay there bleeding and unconscious long past dark before Joseph and Angus Miller found her. They took her to the hospital in Capitol City where the doctors worked to save her fragile life.

Sarah survived but from that day on was unable to speak or hear. It is said the whole town of Ballengee gathered when Sarah came back from Capitol City and welcomed her home. It is said that Sarah’s mother was devastated and Joseph was bitter. But Reba Maxwell told me that Sarah was filled with a smile upon her face once seeing the entire town coming to welcome her back.

I’ve seen people quite for a lot less. Wrap themselves up in a blanket of self-pity and stop living. As if it was useless now that they had lost so much. We have a tendency to count only our trials and not our blessings. Yet I do believe that if anyone were to take a correct inventory they would find the blessings always outnumber the trials.

This tragedy has been many more years ago than I have been on this earth and I don’t know the pain and suffering that Sarah must have gone through. I don’t know if what came about was immediate or was a product of time. I do know Sarah, as she is a regular at the Church on the Knoll, and blesses us each Sunday. For Sarah’s talent was not her voice nor her ear but her heart. Sarah became a great writer of poetry and she wrote often of her greatest love, Jesus. The uniqueness of her talent was not in the fact that she wrote on paper but embroidered her words upon cloth.

You can come to Ballengee and buy handkerchiefs with Sarah’s poetry of praise sown upon it. Or a lampshade, a towel or wash clothes. In every church in Ballengee there are banners with Sarah’s poetry sown upon it. Who knows the value of her service to her Lord? Who knows how many hearts have been swayed or blessed by her words written to Jesus? I don’t know, but God does and I am sure He shall honor Sarah’s work. I do know that I have been blessed many times.

It is then the simplicity of Ballengee that we have learned the simple truth of the Kingdom to come. That where God guides He also provides. It is when we step out of the chosen path the troubles rush in upon us. But to those of us who muster one seed of faith know that no matter how far we stray the path home is never more than one step away. Though Sarah stepped out and lost so much of her dream and hope, she stepped back in and found her life. Here in Ballengee it is never too late, in the almost heaven, to find our way back home, for God is just a local call.

 Copyright: Thomas N Kirkpatrick 2001

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